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The modern way of patent management, IP management made simple

Artificial intelligence as an assistant

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Global data bases from all countries aggregated in one solution

IP Workflow

Automed process for procurement, distribution, processing and analysis for the relevant data


Structured overview of your monitoring profiles to analyse and anticipate your innovation potential, minimise liability risks and identify market trends relevant to competition.

Software solution

AI-based „state-of-the-art“ IP software for SMEs: With our solution, SMEs can take the relevant decisions for tomorrow. SMEs can save time, reduce risk and don’t miss any opportunities.

Global data bases


Analysis and
monitoring approach


Artificial Intelligence


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William Gemkow
Member of the Executive Board, Kappus
Especially in the environment of fast-moving products, trends must be recognized early and implemented in recipes and production technologies for our customers - quickly but also legally secure. PATOffice and the team accompany us as partners from the inquiry to the execution. Research work – simple, effective and efficient.
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