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About PATOffice

PATOffice is the software-as-service solution for automated patent work.
We optimize your patent search & patent monitoring and deliver exciting patent analytics.

Bye manual work.
Let PATOffice take it from here!

Patent Research and Monitoring
Technology and Innovation Management
Competition Analysis
IP Compliance
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We are changing the IP world

Intellectual property is more than just worth protecting.
IP is the engine of innovation and the success of our economy!


Our vision is to revolutionize the way companies drive innovation and make strategic decisions by leveraging patent data integrated with artificial intelligence, establishing PATOffice as the essential market intelligence platform for all producing industries worldwide.

 We want to revolutionize the way companies drive innovation & make strategic decisions ...


Our mission is to empower companies with unparalleled insights derived from patent research, monitoring, and analysis.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and our extensive expertise in intellectual property, we aim to deliver a comprehensive software solution that enables businesses to build robust international strategies, analyze markets, identify competitors, track new developments, and stay ahead of emerging trends.

... by empowering them with unique insights derived from IP analytics ...


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We’re changing the way you work with patents — forever.
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