Tight-knit team, merging into a family

Our company history, values and goals.

Active for over 70 years

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of intellectual property.

Innovation & development

Incentive, promote and increase the innovation potential of your company with our IP workflow and knowledge management solutions.

Legal and Risk

Reduce risks for your company and expand operational freedom of action with an efficient IP compliance strategy.

Competition and market intelligence

Recognize the market and competitive changes of tomorrow and use your strengths efficiently to help shape the future as a technology leader.

Our values


We share all relevant information and communicate the reasons behind our decisions.

Social responsibility

We are grateful for our privileges and take action to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Team spirit

Together, we make an exceptional team. We appreciate everyone’s contribution and actively support each other.

Customer focus

Our customers are part of our DNA, together we develop our product even further.


We create an enjoyable environment for everyone, celebrate successes together and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Animal friendly

Come and meet our office dogs!

Our history


Relocation to the new office in the centre of Munich


Since 2015 Europatent GmbH


Merger of " Deutscher Patentdienst" and "World Patent Service" in " Europatent GmbH & Co OHG"


"Deutscher Patentdienst" was founded

That's us

Our team supports you in rethinking IP management - from the beginning and beyond.

Lukas Kappelsberger

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Meusburger

Chief Revenue Officer

Dr. Ralf Schönmeyer

Chief Product Officer

Adam Kaintz

Chief Technology Officer

Alexandra Ess

Chief Marketing Officer


Marco Schultz

Marketing & Sales

Benedikt Ess

Operations & Finance

Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht

Entrepreneurship & Technology

Andreas Büchler

Teamlead IP Coperion

PATOffice gives us the opportunity to show our experts the latest technical developments in order to train them accordingly. It also allows us to support development projects in a meaningful way (state of the art) and thus contribute to the success of our company. In addition, PATOffice allows us to recognize the strategy of competitors (Keyword: Competitor Intelligence), which we can then react to at an early stage, so that we are always one step ahead of them.

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