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PATOffice Workflow provides you with a simple, rule-based tool to automatically classify new IP rights and collaborate internally.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a patent monitoring software do and how can I / my company profit from it?

A patent monitoring software is a tool that helps companies track and analyze patent-related information. It allows companies to stay informed about the latest technical trends and developments in their industry, and to identify and protect their own patents, as well as identify potential licensing and partnership opportunities. It also allows users to deepen their knowledge of specific technologies, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding investments and research projects.

How can PATOffice help protect my / my companies' patents?

The software allows you to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords or patent classification codes. These can help you identify patents that are similar to your own. PATOffice provides detailed information about each patent, which can be used to assess whether or not your patents are infringed by others or if you are infringing patents of others. If so, PATOffice helps you kick-off appropriate legal action.

How does PATOffice work and what types of patents can it track?

PATOffice is a powerful patent monitoring software that allows companies to track and analyze patent-related information from around the world. It allows users to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords, patent classification codes, or even specific patent numbers. PATOffice can track various types of patents, including utility patents, designs, trademarks and PCT applications. The software also allows users to monitor patents from different countries and regions, including the US, Europe, China, Japan, and many others. PATOffice provides visualization tools and analytics that allow users to easily identify trends and patterns in the data. PATOffice is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing users to create custom search queries and alerts.

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