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IP experts
Innovation drivers
forward thinkers
IP experts
Innovation drivers
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Get the most out of your patent work today

Leave the complexity of patents to our AI

Our generative AI approach is changing the way we interact with patents, providing optimized summaries, accurate translations and key insights of unmatched quality.

Save time, simplify the complexity of patent information and effortlessly unlock valuable knowledge - for your entire team.

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Research done right

Dive into worldwide patent databases using versatile search parameters to find exactly what you are looking for.

Save your results and integrate them seamlessly into your personal PATOffice database to easily improve your research efficiency and workflow.

Your strategic foresight instrument - take good care of it

Your own PATOffice database contains your individual patent data and saves your submitted evaluations, comments from your colleagues and suggestions for action.

This meets 100% German security standards and is also the basis for our AI approach - namely your individual ratings.

Automate as much as possible, they say. Set it up wisely, we say.

Our intuitive software automates important tasks such as assigning patents to specific colleagues or labeling documents based on content and parameters.

Experience effortless efficiency as our system intelligently handles routine processes so you can focus on the strategic aspects of your work.

Your colleagues' opionions right at your fingertips

Designed as project-oriented environments, workspaces allow team members to work closely together, promoting teamwork and seamless collaboration.

Users can comment, rate and forward items to colleagues. In addition, workspaces serve as valuable repositories for projects that need to be worked on in the future to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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Keep your friends close - your competition closer.

Our advanced analytics tools are designed to make sense of vast data landscapes and provide users with intelligent visualizations and insights.

This function acts as a powerful market intelligence platform that identifies technological trends and developments at an early stage, enabling companies to make strategic decisions quickly and confidently.

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Our customers are our reference

Dipl. -Ing. Christian Niklis

Head of Engineering ARCUS Elektrotechnik

In our industry, it is particularly important to keep an eye on the competition. Especially when it comes to important things like patent applications. We needed a tool that would allow us to do this quickly, easily and accurately. PATOffice is a tool that we have long integrated into our work routine. The option of patent monitoring and the weekly evaluation make our day-to-day work easier and help us to speed up processes in the company without any loss of quality or legal certainty.

Andreas Büchler

Teamleader IP coperion

PATOffice gives us the opportunity to show our experts the latest technical developments and train them accordingly. It also allows us to provide meaningful support for development projects (state of the art) and thus contribute to the success of our company. In addition, PATOffice enables us to recognize the strategy of competitors (keyword: Competitor Intelligence), which we can then react to at an early stage so that we are always one step ahead of them.

Steffen Zecher

Head of Patent Managament weber Maschinenbau

PATOffice provides efficient and simple information for our patent management and for users involved in various technical fields. Over the years, the publications we have analyzed have developed into a very valuable, well-structured database with a high information content.

Frequently asked questions

What does a patent monitoring software do and how can I / my company profit from it?

A patent monitoring software is a tool that helps companies track and analyze patent-related information. It allows companies to stay informed about the latest technical trends and developments in their industry, and to identify and protect their own patents, as well as identify potential licensing and partnership opportunities. It also allows users to deepen their knowledge of specific technologies, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding investments and research projects.

How can PATOffice help protect my / my companies' patents?

The software allows you to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords or patent classification codes. These can help you identify patents that are similar to your own. PATOffice provides detailed information about each patent, which can be used to assess whether or not your patents are infringed by others or if you are infringing patents of others. If so, PATOffice helps you kick-off appropriate legal action.

How does PATOffice work and what types of patents can it track?

PATOffice is a powerful patent monitoring software that allows companies to track and analyze patent-related information from around the world. It allows users to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords, patent classification codes, or even specific patent numbers. PATOffice can track various types of patents, including utility patents, designs, trademarks and PCT applications. The software also allows users to monitor patents from different countries and regions, including the US, Europe, China, Japan, and many others. PATOffice provides visualization tools and analytics that allow users to easily identify trends and patterns in the data. PATOffice is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing users to create custom search queries and alerts.

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