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The software adapted to your needs

Monitoring patents can be stressful, unstructured and chaotic.With our modular approach, you can still keep track of everything.

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Everything at a glance

Benefit from an engaging dashboard that not only simplifies your patent management across teams, but is also fun to use.See all open tasks at a glance, as well as relevant action suggestions and comments from your teammates.This way, you manage your monitoring profiles on the side and have time for the essentials.
Screenshot of the PATOffice Dashboard

Always up-to-date

PATOffice informs you automatically and continuously about all current applications and patents of your competitors.
Through our evaluation system you have an overview of the hits relevant to you and can easily and quickly forward them to experts and teammates.

Collaboration, tagging & export is just a short excerpt of the multitude of PATOffice features.
Together. Simple. Intuitive.
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Simple & Structures

Is your idea already protected? Do you want to avoid duplicate developments and use your resources wisely?
When searching with PATOffice you can immediately see which patents and applications are already known and evaluated.
You benefit from existing knowledge and save time.
PATOffice Recherche

Worldwide IP research

Who invokes your company's property rights?
Which of your property rights from your portfolio have a high scope of protection that can restrict competition and prevent or complicate the granting of patents?

PATOffice automatically informs you about all new IP rights that are related to relevant IP rights by citations.
Screenshot of the PATOffice Dashboard

Derive concrete decisions from data

How is the competition developing?
Who is the market leader and who should I keep an eye on?
Is it worthwhile for me to develop my idea further?
Or have I discovered a market niche?

The special value of our insights lies in the integration of your intellectual assessments and classifications of the patents. This results in evaluations of the patent landscape from the individual and thus particularly meaningful perspective of your company and the existing technology environment.
Screenshot of the PATOffice Dashboard

Your own treasure of knowledge

Your own PATOffice database contains your individual patent data treasure and saves your submitted evaluations, comments of your colleagues, as well as action suggestions.

This meets 100% German security standards and is additionally based as a foundation for our AI approach - namely your individual evaluations.

System functions

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E-mail distribution

Inform your colleagues about relevant intellectual property rights easily via e-mail.


All information on property rights, distribution and evaluation is stored in PATOffice and is available to all users.


With PATOffice you can assess the relevance of competition protection rights. With the evaluation you avoid the effort of double viewing of family members and enables you to carry out a targeted search and an individual evaluation. The evaluation is also an important basis for training our AI.

Monitoring profile manager

Manage your monitoring profiles clearly. Our drag & drop editor supports you in defining even more complex monitoring profiles


Provide your developers with a simple research tool with the optionally navigator.


Classify and tag the property rights according to your own criteria. This allows you automated distribution, simplified searches and individual evaluation.


You can export the bibliographic data and ratings in PDF or Excel format.

Monitoring profile

You can manage any number of monitoring profiles for your customers, departments or clients

Citation tracker

You will be automatically informed about new property rights that cite relevant families of property rights.

Family monitoring

You will be automatically informed about new family members of relevant IP families.

Status monitoring

You will be automatically informed about new changes in the status of relevant intellectual property rights.

Registry Monitoring

This function is currently not yet available. For further information please contact us.

Navigator EPO extension

Simple and integrated research tool for EPO databases.


Using the import function, you can automatically load intellectual property rights into your PATOffice system and then distribute and evaluate them.

Navigator WPS full text extension

With our IP Suite Navigator, you can carry out professional global searches in full text. For more information and a test access, please contact us.

Content Score

With the PATOffice Content Scoring System, you have a simple but very efficient tool at your disposal to analyze all new intellectual property rights and automatically assign you a relevance rating.


With PATOffice Automation, you have a simple, rule-based tool at your disposal to automatically classify all new intellectual property rights and distribute them to interested parties in your company.

AI monitoring

Valuable knowledge is created through intellectual evaluation and classification of the patent landscape of your technology environment


Generate up-to-date and informative reports on the patent situation, distribution and evaluation.

IP analytics

Create valuable insights into the current patent, technology and competitive situation with PATOffice and PIA.
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Steffen Zecher
Head of Patentmanagement, Weber Maschinenbau GmbH
PATOffice efficiently and easily provides information for our patent management as well as for involved users in various technical fields. The publications we evaluate have grown over the years into a very valuable, well-structured database with high information content.
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