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Working with patents can be stressful.

Do not get hung up on unstructured and chaotic processes.

With traditional methods you waste:


Time to unleash your full IP potential

PATOffice helps you to keep track of everything in one place

PATOffice levels-up your:

  • Patent Research and Monitoring
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Competition Analysis
  • IP┬áCompliance

Research. Browse worldwide patent databases and use numerous filters to find and save relevant patents.

Monitor. Track & rate patents and stay up to date about status changes, new family members and citations.

Collaborate. Work together with colleagues in projects by assigning patents and using comments and tags to share thoughts and actions.

Analyze. Get visual insights into your (competitors') activities and stay up-to-date about new players in your market.

All in one solution to excel your IP process

Workspaces. Collaborate efficiently and keep your patent work perfectly structured by setting up designated research and monitoring projects.

Dashboard. See all open tasks at a glance, get an overview what your team is working on and see all current and past project updates.

Automation. Personalize your workflow by setting up rules to automatically manage your patent portfolio.

Patent research. Search for patents worldwide and have a detailed view with info such as publication date, applicant, inventor & more.

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Our customers are our best reference

Martin Glatzer

IP Manager @ Güntner

PATOffice offers us a comprehensive solution for monitoring patents in our field of technology. Both the integration of different areas of our company into the database-supported monitoring process and the clear assignment of property rights to products or technologies enable us to find and evaluate technical information efficiently and provide it to our development teams in a targeted manner.This allows us to support current development and research activities with PATOffice and at the same time enrich the patent data in the system with intellectual and individualized data in order to create an excellent database for future AI applications or projects in PATOffice.Over the past 20 years, PATOffice has always been developed in line with the latest trends, and our ideas and wishes expressed in workshops and discussions with customers have been and continue to be implemented. As a result, we believe that PATOffice is in an excellent position to continue monitoring our patents in the future.

Andreas B├╝chler

Teamlead IP Coperion

PATOffice gives us the opportunity to show our experts the latest technical developments in order to train them accordingly. It also allows us to support development projects in a meaningful way (state of the art) and thus contribute to the success of our company. In addition, PATOffice allows us to recognize the strategy of competitors (Keyword: Competitor Intelligence), which we can then react to at an early stage, so that we are always one step ahead of them.

Steffen Zecher

Head of Patent Managament weber Maschinenbau

PATOffice efficiently and easily provides information for our patent management as well as for involved users in various technical fields. The publications we evaluate have grown over the ears into a very valuable, well-structured database with high information content.

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manage patents

Your business deserves a better patent software solution

One that puts your team members front and center and helps them turn patent information into strategic insights!

70 years. PATOffice operates in the patent management field for over 70 years.

Munich. We are located in the heart of Munich. Available 24/7 via our support channels.

Security standards. All of our servers are kept locally meeting the DSGVO security standard.

AI & Big Data. Our tool takes advantage of a state of the art AI system to manage  Big Data.

Frequently asked questions

What does a patent monitoring software do and how can I / my company profit from it?

A patent monitoring software is a tool that helps companies track and analyze patent-related information. It allows companies to stay informed about the latest technical trends and developments in their industry, and to identify and protect their own patents, as well as identify potential licensing and partnership opportunities. It also allows users to deepen their knowledge of specific technologies, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding investments and research projects.

How can PATOffice help protect my / my companies' patents?

The software allows you to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords or patent classification codes. These can help you identify patents that are similar to your own. PATOffice provides detailed information about each patent, which can be used to assess whether or not your patents are infringed by others or if you are infringing patents of others. If so, PATOffice helps you kick-off appropriate legal action.

How does PATOffice work and what types of patents can it track?

PATOffice is a powerful patent monitoring software that allows companies to track and analyze patent-related information from around the world. It allows users to set up custom searches based on specific criteria, such as keywords, patent classification codes, or even specific patent numbers. PATOffice can track various types of patents, including utility patents, designs, trademarks and PCT applications. The software also allows users to monitor patents from different countries and regions, including the US, Europe, China, Japan, and many others. PATOffice provides visualization tools and analytics that allow users to easily identify trends and patterns in the data. PATOffice is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing users to create custom search queries and alerts.

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