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Patent Management & AI - state of the art monitoring your competition

How artificial intelligence can help you quickly identify relevant patents, key competitors, and emerging trends to give you an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Speaker: Dr. Ralph Schönmeyer - Head of Technology & AI

Patent Management & AI - state of the art monitoring your competition

About this resource

❓ Are you responsible for R&D and/or innovation management in your company?

❓ And you are looking for a tool that provides you with tangible arguments in which technological fields you should develop and which competitors you should have on your radar?

👉🏼 Then you've come to the right place - with our AI projects, we can help you with precisely these questions.

How exactly does an AI project work at PATOffice and how do we help especially SMEs and start-ups

🚀 to observe competitors,

🚀 discover new players in the market and

🚀 always be the first when it comes to new trends and product innovations?

Our Head of Technology & AI Dr. Ralf Schönmeyer answers these questions in our webinar "Patent Management & AI" and presents a typical use case.

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About PATOffice

PATOffice is the IP SaaS solution for SMEs and start-ups. With over 70 years of IP experience, we are the German IP service provider for patent monitoring, file inspection and procedural status. Our existing services are now bundled in our software PATOffice. The IP workflow can be personalized and automated to a high degree.  Relevant patents, new developments by known competitors or completely new players? Everything at a glance in PATOffice. So why wait until the trade fairs to marvel at the latest products of the competition?

Steffen Zecher

Head of Patent Managament weber Maschinenbau

PATOffice efficiently and easily provides information for our patent management as well as for involved users in various technical fields. The publications we evaluate have grown over the ears into a very valuable, well-structured database with high information content.

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