The modern way of patent management:
IP management made simple

Artificial intelligence as an assistant


Globale Datenbanken aus allen Ländern in einer Lösung zusammengeführt

IP Workflow

Automatisierter Prozess zur Beschaffung, Verteilung, Verarbeitung und Analyse der relevanten Daten


Strukturierter Überblick über Ihre Überwachungsprofile, um Ihr Innovationspotenzial zu analysieren und zu antizipieren, Haftungsrisiken zu minimieren und wettbewerbsrelevante Markttrends zu erkennen

Software solution

AI-based „state-of-the-art“ IP software for SMEs: With our solution, SMEs can take the relevant decisions for tomorrow. SMEs can save time, reduce risk and don’t miss any opportunities.

Global data bases

Analysis and
monitoring approach

Artificial intelligence solution

All in one app · PATOffice

Dipl. -Ing. Christian Niklis

Leiter Technik ARCUS Elektrotechnik

In our industry, it is particularly important to keep an eye on the competition. Especially when it comes to important things like patent applications. We needed a tool that would allow us to do this quickly, easily and accurately. PATOffice is a tool that we have long integrated into our work routine. The option of patent monitoring and the weekly evaluation make our day-to-day work easier and help us to speed up processes in the company without any loss of quality or legal certainty.

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